I always used to skip over the appetizers sections when browsing through my cookbooks. I figured that, because I was usually only cooking for one or two people, it was a waste of my time and money to prepare them. More and more, however, I am growing to like the idea of eating smaller meals throughout the day. I now read the appetizers sections with relish, seeking out recipes for flavorful finger foods that I can have as snacks during the day or interesting appetizers that I can combine with each other to make into an entire meal. As I continue to explore appetizers, I am learning that they are commonly the most flavorful and artistic part of a meal. Oftentimes, appetizers display a chef's skills and creativity more than any other dish. From the beloved Spanish tapas to rustic Italian bruschetta or simple party snacks, appetizers are guaranteed to impress and satisfy all. Be experimental and have fun trying these vibrant and exciting recipes!

Ahi Poke
"This popular Hawaiian appetizer consists of fresh raw tuna flavored with exotic ingredients such as sriracha chili paste, sesame oil and wakame seaweed. A stunningly beautiful addition to any Asian or tropical menu!"

Bruschetta con Pomodori
"The classic Italian trio of tomatoes, garlic and basil makes this appetizer a hit every time!"

Crab Cakes
"This popular menu item is easier than you might think to prepare at home! This version features lump crabmeat, chopped red bell pepper and scallions seasoned with Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper. Bread crumbs create a crisp outer coating."

Curried Shrimp in Phyllo
"These shrimp rolls were a huge hit at the elliemay.com launch party! Curried hazelnuts and sweet shrimp are wrapped up in crisp phyllo dough and baked until golden. A simple tomato-ginger chutney is the perfect accompaniment."

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls
"Stuffed full of crisp vegetables and fresh herbs such as mint and basil, these uncooked spring rolls are fantastically refreshing."

Gado Gado
"This traditional Indonesian dish features an assortment of fresh vegetables served with a spicy peanut sauce on the side."

Grilled Coconut Shrimp
"Jumbo shrimp are marinated in a fragrant coconut-lime dressing and then grilled to perfection in this easy summer dish. Simple yet utterly delicious!"

"This flavorful Greek spread, named after the peppery cheese made in the Cyclades islands, is made with feta cheese, mint, red pepper flakes and pickled Italian peperoncini. A garnish of red grapes, mint and slivered almonds brings the dish to new heights."

Miang Kum
"Miang Kum is a very special Thai appetizer. It consists of fresh leaves of spinach topped with a sweet sauce, peanuts, dried shrimp, diced lime, ginger, toasted coconut, and shallots. The entire bundle is eaten in one bite; chewing all the ingredients together creates what has been described as a flavor explosion!"

Mushroom Empanadas
"Empanadas are traditional meat or seafood filled pastries from Spain. In this vegetarian version, onions, red pepper, and smoky, sherried mushrooms replace the meat."

Ouzo Shrimp
"Ouzo is Greek liquor flavored with anise. When combined with tomatoes and garlic, it makes a wonderful sauce for shrimp."

"Spanakopita is a wondeful Greek dish made by wrapping spinach and feta cheese in flaky phyllo dough."

Spicy Tuna Rolls
"This easy sushi recipe is sure to liven up any party. Fresh tuna is dressed in a fiery sauce and then wrapped up with rice and seaweed. A spicy food lover's dream!"

Sushi Elliemay
"Featuring smoked salmon, asparagus, and avocado, these bite-sized rolls are great to bring with you to parties."

Thai Corn Fritters
"Corn and scallions are bathed in a spicy red curry and soy flavored batter and then fried until golden to make these scrumptious fritters which are traditionally served with a spicy and sweet Thai chili sauce."

Wild Mushroom Crostini
"In this lovely recipe, wild mushrooms are flavored with thyme, shallots and marsala wine and then used as a topping for freshly-baked crostini. Goat cheese adds a wonderful tart flavor and toasted hazelnuts add crunch!"



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