From blackberry pie to mashed potatoes to roasted asparagus, there are a ton of foods out there that I enjoy. But, when it comes to foods that I crave to the point that I must have them at all costs, noodles are definitely top on my list. Nearly every regional cuisine has some type of pasta or noodle that they can call their own. Obviously, Italy, with its endless varieties of pasta, is well known in that regard. Many Asian countries have popular dishes made from egg noodles, similar to Italian pasta, or the uniquely delicious rice noodles. Even Mexico, has a dish called fideos which are thin wheat noodles typically stewed with tomatoes and chilies. It is this wide variety that makes noodle dishes so much fun to cook. Sometimes, dressed with just a little olive oil and garlic, they are simplicity itself. Or, you can add some vegetables and an interesting sauce to make them into a one-dish meal. Noodles never fail to please; even as finicky children, we ate them with glee. And well into adulthood, we still show that same sheer delight when diving into a wonderful bowl of steaming noodles.

Bread Crumb Pasta
"Bread crumbs are sauteed with garlic and crushed red pepper flakes and then tossed with pasta, giving this pasta dish a vibrant flavor and completely new texture."

"Fideos is a traditional Mexican or Spanish noodle dish. Using the same basic cooking method as for Spanish rice, noodles, onions, and garlic are fried in oil and then simmered with stock, chilies, and tomatoes until cooked. Nothing could be easier!"

Homemade Pasta with Marinara
"If you have never tried making fresh pasta from scratch, do try it. My recipe is easier than you think and, topped with a super quick marinara sauce, the overall preparation time for this dish really isn't that long."

Lentil Linguini
"Cumin-scented lentils are combined with creamy cheese and robust greens in this interesting pasta dish."

Linguini con Vongole
"Perfectly-cooked linguini is served with a seductively simple sauce made from fresh clams, white wine, garlic and herbs. This classic Italian dish will make you feel as if you've been immediately transported to the sunny Mediterranean coast of Italy!"

Pad Thai
"Pad Thai is perhaps the quintessential Thai dish. Rice noodles, shrimp and eggs are flavored with exotic Thai ingredients in this always-satisfying meal. Bean sprouts, scallions and chopped peanuts add great crunch and, for garnish, a wedge of lime is a must."

Pasta Puttanesca
"Named after Italy's "ladies of the night," this famous pasta dish is robust and satisfying. Pasta is topped with a tomato sauce that has been spiked with crushed red pepper flakes, olives, anchovies, and plenty of garlic for a spicy treat that few can resist."

Pasta with Spiced Cauliflower
"Tired of the same old pasta with marinara sauce? Try this exciting variation. Tender cauliflower, golden onions, anchovies, ground cloves and cinnamon add texture and haunting aromas to the sauce while crushed red pepper flakes and red wine vinegar add extra punch."

Pasta with Tuna and Olives
"This recipe is quick and easy to put together, making it great for busy weeknights. As an added bonus, it also happens to be delicious!"

Penne con Pomodori Arrosto
"Slowly roasting tomatoes in a low oven transforms them into something I like to call tomato candy. Roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and crumbled goat cheese are are combined in this simple and succulent pasta dish."

Pistachio Pesto Linguini
"Pesto pasta is always a hit! In this recipe, almonds and pistachios take the place of traditional pine nuts, giving the dish its own special character. Bright cherry tomatoes and tender green beans add a touch of summer."

Poppy Seed Noodles
"In this Eastern European-inspired dish, noodles are tossed with sauteed cabbage, crunchy poppy seeds, cottage cheese and sour cream and then baked in the oven for a quick, substantial and tasty meal."

Sesame Noodles
"This is one of those rare dishes that virtually everyone finds appealing, even kids. Soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil add tasty Asian flavors and tahini or peanut butter (the choice is up to you) provide richness and texture."

Spaghetti Casserole
"The recipe calls for some interesting and tasty ingredients such as marjoram, red wine, peppers and corn. Conveniently, it can be made in advance and baked later."

Tuna Noodle Casserole
"This updated version of the American classic features peas, mushrooms, broccoli and tuna dressed in a white sauce and served over traditional egg noodles. Worcestershire sauce, sherry and lemon juice add interesting background flavors."

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad
"In this vibrant salad, rice noodles, carrots and cucumber are bathed in a zesty Vietnamese-style dressing. Cilantro and mint provide cool, fresh flavors and a garnish of chopped peanuts adds an exciting crunch!"

"Yakisoba is the Japanese equivalent of fast food. Soba noodles are quickly fried with seasonings and shredded fresh vegetables for a prompt and flavorful meal on the go!"



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