My favorite part of shopping for groceries is walking around the produce aisle and seeing what vegetables are new and fresh that day. I love looking at the colorful and unique vegetables and dreaming up the many ways that I could prepare them. I sometimes even plan that evening's entire meal around one interesting vegetable that I happen to find. In general, I keep my vegetable preparations as simple as possible, usually just steaming or sauteeing whatever is in season or making a simple green salad with a few toppings. I enjoy the way these simple preparations show off the true taste of the vegetables. On occasion, however, I will experiment with more complex vegetable dishes. Vegetables are a crucial part of any diet so sometimes taking the time to make them taste and look spectacular is important. Next time you are at the grocery store or market, pick up a new vegetable that you have never tried. Take it home and prepare it simply, just as you would have with one of your old standbys. You may just surprise yourself and fall in love with something new!

Asian Slaw
"A refreshing alternative to traditionally heavy, mayonnaise-rich coleslaw, Asian Slaw is a light and healthy vegetable dish that perfectly complements any Asian meal. Crunchy vegetables, zesty cilantro and a simple dressing combine for a truly irresistable treat."

Asparagus Fries
"Like french fries, these spears of asparagus are soft in the middle and crispy on the outside. A definite favorite of mine!"

Dijon Brussels Sprouts
"Toasted mustard seeds and dijon mustard combine to make a tasty double-mustard sauce for perfectly cooked brussels sprouts in this easy fall and winter dish."

Glazed Carrots with Sage
"The homey flavors of carrots, onions, and broth are accented by fresh sage and a splash of white wine in this comforting side dish. This is a great accompaniment to polenta."

Greek Lemon Potatoes
"Greek Lemon Potatoes can be found in any Greek restaurant but they are also very easy to make at home. These potatoes, with their special lemony flavor and soft texture, can't be beat."

Green Bean & Fennel Ragout
"Inspired by the flavors of Southern France, this sunny stew combines green beans and fresh fennel with thyme, saffron, and orange zest for a truly special treat!"

Green Salad with Pear Vinaigrette
"A perfect addition to any fall menu, this recipe features leafy greens, thinly sliced red onion, toasted hazelnuts, fresh pear slices, and blue cheese topped with a flavorful homemade pear vinaigrette."

Marinated Caraway Veggies
"Fresh, colorful vegetables are marinated in a caraway-white wine vinaigrette in this easy and healthy dish. These veggies are great served alongside sandwiches or as part of a meal made up entirely of salads."

Mexican Grilled Corn
"Who can resist the smoky fragrance of fresh corn cooking over the coals? In this recipe, sweet ears of corn are grilled then seasoned with hot chili powder, cumin, sour cream, Mexican cheese, and a squeeze of lime juice."

Not-Your-Typical Potato Salad
"I guarantee you this is not your typical potato salad! This variation on the American summertime classic is given a personality all its own thanks to the addition of generous amounts of zippy horseradish and aromatic caraway seeds."

Oven-Roasted Vegetables
"Out of the thousands of recipes for roasted vegetables, I find the combination of vegetables in this version to be one of the most unique. New potatoes, carrots, fennel, green beans, shiitake mushrooms, and leeks are roasted until tender and browned; fresh rosemary raises the dish to a whole new level."

Quick and Easy Pea Salad
"I have loved this salad ever since I was a little child. Besides tasting great, the recipe only calls for five ingredients!"

Rapini with Garlic
"Bitter and robust rapini, also called broccoli rabe, is prepared simply with garlic and crushed red pepper in this super-easy and extremely healthy side dish. A vegetable lover's dream!"

Sesame Green Beans
"These soy and sesame-glazed geen beans are deliciously addictive. A great side dish for any Asian meal."

Summertime Green Bean Salad
"The vinaigrette in this salad is unusual and delicious, with intermingling flavors of chipotle peppers, fresh herbs, and orange. Homemade croutons add an interesting touch. A family favorite!"

Sweet Beet Salad
"For those that are convinced that they don't like beets, I urge you to try this salad anyway. It may change your mind. It is also one of the prettiest salads I have ever seen!"



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