Robert and I just returned from a wonderful backpacking trip to Sprite Lake via Paddy Go Easy Pass. It was a pretty steep climb, but the beautiful scenery, complete solitude and (mostly) nice weather was the perfect reward. We spent most of the trip reading our books, watching the playful chipmunks and listening to the pikas make their strange beeping sounds. Foodwise, I was pretty lazy and packed a couple of quick, no-brainer meals. Although it wasn’t gourmet, we still managed to eat pretty well during the trip. We had frito pie one night (of course) and Mary Jane Farm Organic Couscous & Lentil Curry the next which, as far as packaged food goes, is actually really good. Since it is always nice to have something fresh with your jerky and dried fruit and crackers, I packed a couple of CSA nectarines which held up surprisingly well. I also found these beautiful huckleberries growing near the lake which we ate as a morning snack with coffee and homemade zucchini bread. I can think of few things that are better than waking up in the mountains to the sunrise and a handful of freshly-picked wild huckleberries!

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