I’m still getting a lot of green stuff in my weekly CSA box. A couple of weeks ago it was spinach and lettuce and green onions. Now it’s snap peas and shelling peas and even more spinach! I had some spinach leftover from last week’s box so I cooked it up and used it to make spinach fettuccine. Then, when this week’s box came loaded up, once again, with spinach, I decided to make a spinach pesto to serve with my spinach pasta. That may be spinach overkill but I had to use it up somehow. Plus, I probably need the iron. I decided to go whole hog and make it an entirely green meal by serving my double-spinach pasta with herbed mahi mahi and a green salad with fresh peas.

With my winesday menu thus determined, I needed to find a good wine to serve with it. What wines are good with pesto? A whole variety it turns out. Of course, any wine from pesto’s homeland of Liguria would be an excellent match (although I’m sure people from Liguria would balk at my basil-free spinach pesto.) Some people recommend choosing a grassy, herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris in keeping with the herbal nature of pesto. Others believe that any white, as long as it isn’t oaky or sweet, will be a good match for pesto. Still others feel that the aggressive flavors of the garlic and parmesan cheese in pesto makes it an ideal match for a medium or even a full bodied red.

A couple of people online recommended serving pesto with a white wine called Gavi. Almost immediately upon walking into my wine shop, I spotted a Gavi. It was serendipity. Clearly, I was meant to serve this Gavi with my uber-green meal. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find too much information about Gavi so I don’t have much to share other than that it comes from the Piedmont region of Italy and is made primarily from the Cortese grape. It is also known for being one Italy’s premier whites (often with a price tag to match.) The Gavi that I bought, Tre Donne 2006 Gavi, is made in a small winery run by three sisters in the Langhe area of Italy. The man at the wine shop described it as having “nice, clean fruit.”

The wine and meal proved to be a really great match. My spinach pesto was not overly garlicky so the delicate Gavi was not overwhelmed in any way. The wine was lovely. It had a light yellow color and a citrusy, ever so slightly floral aroma. Robert also detected something outdoorsy in the nose, like pine but not actually pine. Interestingly enough, the flavor reminded me of retsina but without any of retsina’s distinctive pine flavor. It was lemony but not overly tart; just bright and fresh tasting. A perfect summertime wine!

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