Looking for a festive bread to make during this holiday season? Allow me to suggest this Red Wine Loaf with Pine Nuts and Figs. This bread is originally from Dan Lepard’s The Handmade Loaf, but I made the adapted version on Wild Yeast (a great resource for anyone interested in learning how to bake delicious bread; the recipes are all accompanied by gorgeous photos and very detailed directions.) The flavor base for this special and rather unusual bread is formed by dried figs and pine nuts that have been soaked overnight in red wine (how can you possibly go wrong with that combination of flavors?) Despite the fact that it calls for both sourdough starter and instant yeast, this bread doesn’t rise much. It is a dense bread, but the denseness is well matched by the rich, sweet flavor of the figs. I love the wacky cross-hatch pattern on top! Red Wine Loaf with Pine Nuts and Figs is delicious toasted and slathered with cream cheese or goat cheese. We’ve been having it that way for dessert all week long with the last of our farmer’s market apples. A true winter treat!

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  1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to make this again soon. It is a great bread for the holidays, isn’t it? And thank you so much for the kind words about Wild Yeast!

    Comment by Susan/Wild Yeast — December 19, 2008 @ 7:57 am

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