My foodie radar went off this week when I saw salt cod fritters on the brunch menu at Smith – I’m a big fan of all things salt cod. Actually, I had noticed them on the dinner menu a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, I ended up passing them over in favor of Smith’s lentils with greens and goat cheese that evening. So, when I saw that the salt cod fritters were also on the brunch menu – served with a soft-boiled duck egg no less – there was no way I was ordering anything else. They certainly didn’t disappoint! Surprisingly moist and a bit spongy in texture (in a good way) these fritters were like really awesome fish sticks. Although they were deep-fried, there was no trace of greasiness. For those who may be squeamish about trying salt cod, these weren’t overwhelmingly fishy in flavor. An order of salt cod fritters gives you four fritters, a few tiny cornichon, slices of crostini and the aforementioned duck egg which can be used as a dip for the fritters or eaten on its own. Delicious!

P.S. Be on the lookout for future chow alerts in which I will feature a meal, ingredient or anything else food-related that happens to catch my eye that week.

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