Friday night, Robert and I headed over to Metro Cinema to see District 9. Since we were already in the University district for the movie, I thought it would be nice to grab a pint & a bite at my old stomping ground: The College Inn Pub. This dark, windowless basement pub is a haven for UW students. It is laid-back and unpretentious and attracts a good crowd (read: no obnoxious fraternity types.) The pool tables, dart boards and rotating taps provide plenty of much-needed distraction for college kids. As a geology student, I spent a good portion of my time “studying” at the College Inn Pub.

The menu consists of standard pub classics including some of the best nachos in town. For $6, you get a big pile of hot corn chips topped with melted cheese, chopped fresh tomatoes, black olives, spicy jalapeño peppers and a huge dollop of sour cream. Salsa is served on the side. For an extra $1, you can have some of the pub’s delicious black bean chili added to your nachos. The jalapeños and black bean chili make these nachos truly awesome, but perhaps even more important is the fact that the nachos are well-layered. I hate it when all of the cheese is stuck on the top layer of chips and everything underneath is dry and devoid of toppings. There certainly isn’t anything fancy about this food. Still, as I sat there reminiscing about my college years, washing my nachos down with a nice, cold Old Seattle Lager, I couldn’t help but feel like it was the perfect way to top off a movie night.

The College Inn Pub is located at 4006 University Way NE. Nachos are half price on Mondays!

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