My parents called me at work the other day and said excitedly, “We’re downstairs! At that waffle place!” Huh? Oh yeah, that waffle place. The one right below my office that I walk past nearly every day. Sweet Iron Waffles has been open for several months now but, for whatever reason, I had never thought to check it out. Today, I decided to remedy that. Sweet Iron serves what are known as Liège Waffles, a type of Belgian Waffle. Liège Waffles are richer, denser and sweeter than the Belgian Waffle most Americans are familiar with. They are made from a brioche-like dough and contain chunks of pearl sugar which caramelizes on the outside of the waffle while it cooks. Liège Waffles are sold by street vendors all over Belgium. I opted for a plain waffle my first time out in order to get the purest sense of what a Liège Waffle truly tastes like. It reminded me more of a sticky bun, than a waffle. It was yummy but very sweet. So sweet, in fact, that I really can’t imagine getting one topped with anything sweet (the bacon-topped waffle, on the other hand…) Sweet Iron’s waffle toppings range from the expected – chocolate, strawberries, etc. – to the more unusual such as bananas brûlée with caramel or brie and basil. They also offer seasonal waffles; current choices include cranberry-orange and date-blue cheese. The date-blue cheese waffle sounds awfully tempting. I might need to convince a co-worker to split one with me as an after lunch snack!

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  1. The brie and basil was pretty good – but I think you’re right – I wouldn’t get any of the sweet toppings.

    Comment by Amy — January 28, 2010 @ 1:41 pm

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